Review Procedure

Review procedures in this journal based on ICMJE guidelines (

We decide on reviewers for a particular manuscript based on expertise, reputation, specific recommendations of authors and academic editors, and the professional editor's own knowledge of a reviewer. As part of our editorial procedure, we regularly discuss with potential reviewers before sending them manuscripts to review. Reviewers should bear in mind that even these initial messages or conversations contain confidential information.

Reviewers should also bear in mind that the manuscripts sent for review are privileged communications and are the private property of the authors. Therefore, reviewers and members of the editorial staff must respect the authors’ rights by not publicly discussing the authors’ work appropriating their ideas before the manuscript is published. Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of the manuscript for their files and also prohibited from sharing it with others, except with the editor’s permission. Reviewers should return copies of manuscripts to editorial office after submitting reviews. Editors should not keep copies of rejected manuscripts. Reviewers have to send their comments with signed.

Without prior permission of the reviewer, author, and editor, the comments of the reviewer shall not be published. Reviewer identity will be kept anonymous unless if reviewer request and reviewer comments shall not be published without prior permission of the authors and reviewer. However, one reviewers ‘comments shall be sent to other persons reviewing the same manuscript, which helps reviewers learn from the review process. Reviewers shall be informed decision on the manuscript.


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